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Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Skid Mounted bitumen Sprayer, semi-automatic bitumen sprayer, tractor mounted bitumen emulsion sprayer, bitumen emulsion sprayer and Skid mounted emulsion sprayer in Ahmedabad ,India from Mewad Equipment’s. A skid mounted bitumen sprayer is a compact and portable equipment used for applying bituminous materials, such as asphalt emulsions or tack coats, on various surfaces during road construction and maintenance projects.

Offered array of our Skid Mounted Bitumen Sprayer is completely hydraulic and attaches to any type of skid loader construction hydraulic machine.It contains 19 number of brass nozzles and each nozzle contains spraying capacity of 6 liter per minute. It consists of high quality hose pipe to ensure trouble free application. For the uniform and effective spraying spray bar is designed to move right-left as well as up and down. Skid Mounted Bitumen Sprayer is highly acknowledged among our esteemed clients owing to its long working life, foldable spray bar, PLC control panel and hassle free operation.

Skid Mounted Bitumen Sprayer How it Works

  • Bitumen Tank: This is a insulated tank designed to hold and maintain the bituminous material at the desired temperature for optimal application.
  • Pump: A high-pressure pump is used to draw the bituminous material from the tank and deliver it to the spray bar.
  • Spray Bar: The spray bar is a long, horizontal pipe with multiple nozzles spaced along its length.
  • Heating System: Most skid mounted bitumen sprayers are equipped with a heating system, typically using diesel or propane fuel, to maintain the bituminous material at the correct temperature for spraying.
  • Controls: The sprayer is equipped with various controls to regulate the pump pressure, spray rate, and heating system, ensuring precise and uniform application
  • Skid Frame: The entire unit is mounted on a sturdy, skid-type frame, making it easily transportable by trucks or trailers to different job sites.

Uses and Applications:

  • Tack Coat Application: One of the primary uses of skid mounted bitumen sprayers is to apply a thin layer of bituminous material, known as a tack coat, onto an existing pavement surface.
  • Prime Coat Application: These sprayers can also be used to apply a prime coat, which is a thin layer of bituminous material applied to an untreated base course before the placement of the asphalt surface layer.
  • Surface Treatments: Skid mounted bitumen sprayers are employed in various surface treatment applications, such as chip sealing, slurry sealing, and fog sealing
  • Parking Lot and Driveway Maintenance: These sprayers are also used for maintaining and resurfacing parking lots, driveways, and other paved areas, providing a cost-effective solution for extending their service life.

Salient Features of Skid Mounted Bitumen Sprayer

  • Fully - Insulated tank
  • Bitumen tank cladded with S.S. / G.I. sheet with Cera / Galss Wool.
  • Efficient air cooled diesel engine and positive displacement gear pump with lower fuel comsumption
  • Designed as to suit standard truck chassis.
  • High efficiency heating system.
  • Safe and ease of operation.
  • Foldable Spraybar
  • Hand spray bar.
  • Unique pressure cleaning system.
  • Suitable for bitumen emulsion.